CBRM Certification Requirement

CBRM Certification Overview

3CBRM (Certified Business Resilience Manager) is BRCCI's authoritative manager of business resilience certification.  The CBRM has been earned by more than 3000 professionals and has quickly become a mark of excellence, competence, and achievement in business resilience.  With the rapidly growing demand for professionals who posses skills in business continuity and resilience, the CBRM designation is the preferred certification program by both private and public organizations throughout the world.

CBRM (Certified Business Resilience Manager) Certification Requirements

The certification requirements for obtaining a CBRM designation are as follows:

  • Pass the CBRM examination,
  • Obtain authorized CBRM training by attending a CBRM seminar (click here for CBRM training events) OR possess a minimum of two years of practical work experience in business continuity and disaster recovery.  The following types of experience may be used to satisfy up to 1 year of the minimum 2 year CBRM experience requirement:
    1. Information systems security and management,
    2. Business and information systems auditing,
    3. Risk management experience,
    4. Emergency response management, or
    5. Project management.
  • Adhere to BRCCI's Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Points Program, and
  • Adhere to BRCCI's Code of Professional Ethics and Responsibility.

Official BRCCI CBRM Seminar

3-day Advanced Business Continuity and Resilience Planning and Management (CBRM Seminar)

The BRCCI CBRM Seminar is designed to familiarize students with the essential set knowledge, concepts, and topics required for achieving CBRM designation, known as the Common Criteria for Business Resilience Professional (CCBRP).  The CCBRP forms the core competency requirements in business resilience.  See the CCBRP.

The BRCCI CBRM Seminar includes 18 hours of instruction over 3 days and includes the CBRM examination on day 3.  The BRCCI Seminar:

  • Covers all CBRM examination topics
  • Provides an overview of business resilience
  • Identifies the key areas of study
  • Provides hands-on practice through a series of exercises

BRCCI CBRM Seminar Topics
1) Introduction to Business Continuity Planning
2) Risk Management
3) Business Impact Analysis
4) Business Continuity Strategy Development
5) Business Continuity Plan Development
6) Business Continuity Plan Testing
7) Business Continuity Plan Maintenance
8) Business Resilience, Continuity, and Disaster Recovery
9) CBRM Examination

CBRM Seminar Description
CBRM Seminar Brochure CBRM Seminar Advanced Business Continuity Management Course
CBRM Seminar Schedule

To Register for training and certification, visit BRCCI training affiliate Sentryx at www.sentryx.com or call 1-800-869-8460.