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Business continuity training is an essential part of doing business in today’s world.  Disaster could literally strike at any given time and in a majority of instances, absolutely no warning whatsoever.  It’s not so much if things will go wrong, but rather, when things go wrong, what will the protocol be?  Organizations need to take the necessary steps to ensure that business as usual can carry on when disaster hits.  Business continuity training could mean the difference between surviving and enduring a disaster, rather than going under.  Businesses should consider not just their own interests, but also that too of their clients, vendor, suppliers, partners and other key stakeholders in their respective business communities.  It behooves organizations to pour the necessary resources into business continuity training.  In order to protect your clients and your business in the event of an emergency you should cover all the basics before disaster strikes. Both managed service providers and the companies they support should have a business continuity plan (BCP) in addition to a disaster recovery plan to contain the damage that results from man made or natural disasters.  Preparation is key.

Business continuity training will help an organization in the event of any emergency disaster or cyber crime.   With the advent of terrorism and online threats that can originate from any part of the globe, business continuity is a must.  Business continuity training comprises of the key disaster preparation plans and subsequent contingency planning.  A business continuity plan outlines the steps your company will take in the event of any disaster.  This plan determines how your organization will continue operations as well as recover and restore any data that was compromised. Without a plan of action for the minutes, hours and days immediately following a disaster, your business could end up in total chaos since your employees might panic.  During any emergency, it’s important for your company to try and operate business as usual for the sake of your customers.  One horrible disaster could end up crippling entire businesses.  As things stand right now, is your business prepared to recover in case of emergency loss such as building collapse, data center loss or power outage preventing your business from functioning as normal?

Making sure the company’s staff receives all the necessary business continuity training should be a top priority for each business leader.  Far too many organizations fail to prepare adequately for both man made and natural disasters.  It’s easy to operate your business when the sun is shining brightly, however, when the next hurricane blows into town, things may not be so simple then.  Unfortunately if you wait until you need a plan to devise a plan it will be too late.  Taking the time now to prepare your business continuity plan could save your organization when you most need to, for yourself, your employees and your community.  Business executives need to do whatever it takes to ensure that business continuity training is administered to all key personnel and stakeholders accordingly.  Be sure to sign up for business continuity training today.

BRCCI – Business Resilience Certification Consortium International (

We are thankful to the author for allowing us to post this insightful article on our website. BRCCI provides a comprehensive training and certification program in business resiliency, continuity and IT disaster recovery planning:

1. 3-day CBRM (Certified Business Resilience Manager) is a comprehensive, all-in-one, 3-day Business Continuity Planning and Management Training and Certification course which is designed to teach practical methods to develop, test, and maintain a business continuity plan and establish a business continuity program.

2. 3-day CBRITP (Certified Business Resilience IT Professional) is a comprehensive training on how to assess, develop, test, and maintain an information technology (IT) Disaster Recovery Plan for recovering IT and telecommunications systems and infrastructure in the event of a disaster or business disruption. The training provides a step-by-step methodology to ensure a reliable and effective IT disaster recovery and continuity plan consistent with the industry’s standards and best practices.

3. 2-day CBRA (Certified Business Resilience Auditor) It provides 2 days of intensive, Business Continuity Audit training to enable students to determine the effectiveness, adequacy, quality and reliability of an organization’s Business Continuity Program. Students will learn an audit methodology to evaluate compliance of Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Programs with the current industry’s best practices and standards including:

  • ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management Systems – Requirements
  • NFPA: Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs
  • ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure Library

For information on the above program, please contact BRCCI (www.brcci.org1-888-962-7224).

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