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Business continuity certification alongside disaster recovery certifications are increasingly in high demand for good reason.  Organizations need business continuity in order to survive in today’s business marketplace.  In order to give yourself the best chance to advance in the new digital workplace, business continuity certifications will bring security to your career.  It’s no wonder that business continuity certifications are seeing a vibrant uptrend due to the vast proliferation of cloud based applications on the market.  While business continuity and disaster recovery have always been important to companies, they’re becoming even more crucial in today’s fast paced world.  Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) are the yin and yang of the IT world. Whereas Business Continuity is about keeping systems running and data available despite interruption, Disaster Recovery aims to bring systems back to normal operation following a natural or man-made disaster of some type.

Business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP) are vital components in IT governance and compliance, especially for today’s corporations and organizations.  Not only do organizations need to manage their data effectively, but also that of their vendors, partners, suppliers etc.  We have all seen the headlines after data has been compromised in cyber breaches.  In some cases, the worst case scenario could be that a cyber incident destroys a company’s credibility.  Customers need to be able to trust that an organization can protect their most sensitive data.  When a company appears compromised, some customers may leave never to return again.  Security breaches are serious business in today’s business marketplace indeed.  Organizations need to meet various mandates regarding privacy, confidentiality and availability of their systems and the data they house. With the increasing proliferation and use of cloud-based backup services — including a broad range of BC and DR offerings in the cloud — there are opportunities to gain business continuity certifications to help organizations prepare for the worst.

Business continuity certifications are available, even better, it won’t cost a fortune.  Imagine the possibilities for your career after you gain your business continuity certifications, you will give yourself a wide range of options to deliver value that organizations desperately require.  With business continuity certification, you will learn how to work with managed service providers in case of any emergency disaster.  You will learn how to take the right actions and follow the correct procedures during any emergency situation to protect your organization from harm or loss of marketplace reputation.  Mandatory training and testing is needed to spot weaknesses in emergency plans. Once you understand how emergency planning is done, you will understand how pieces of the puzzle come together.  Business continuity certification is a journey, not a destination.  There will always be new information to be learned along the way.  Take your career to the next level and become an integral part to maintaining the security of an organization with business continuity certification.  Boost your skills today and make yourself a key member of your company.  At the end of the day, BC certification is an investment in your future.

BRCCI – Business Resilience Certification Consortium International (

We are thankful to the author for allowing us to post this insightful article on our website. BRCCI provides a comprehensive training and certification program in business resiliency, continuity and IT disaster recovery planning:

1. 3-day CBRM (Certified Business Resilience Manager) is a comprehensive, all-in-one, 3-day Business Continuity Planning and Management Training and Certification course which is designed to teach practical methods to develop, test, and maintain a business continuity plan and establish a business continuity program.

2. 3-day CBRITP (Certified Business Resilience IT Professional) is a comprehensive training on how to assess, develop, test, and maintain an information technology (IT) Disaster Recovery Plan for recovering IT and telecommunications systems and infrastructure in the event of a disaster or business disruption. The training provides a step-by-step methodology to ensure a reliable and effective IT disaster recovery and continuity plan consistent with the industry’s standards and best practices.

3. 2-day CBRA (Certified Business Resilience Auditor) It provides 2 days of intensive, Business Continuity Audit training to enable students to determine the effectiveness, adequacy, quality and reliability of an organization’s Business Continuity Program. Students will learn an audit methodology to evaluate compliance of Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Programs with the current industry’s best practices and standards including:

  • ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management Systems – Requirements
  • NFPA: Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs
  • ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure Library

For information on the above program, please contact BRCCI (www.brcci.org1-888-962-7224).

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