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Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery - Blog

Alternate Communications During Times of Disaster

ALTERNATE COMMUNICATIONS DURING TIMES OF DISASTER By Dr. Jim Kennedy, NCE, MRP, MBCI, CBRM We have witnessed over the last three to five years many disasters both in the United States and abroad. Based on what we are hearing from NOAA and the National Weather Service the US is likely to see the same number, if not more, tropical storms
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Critical Infrastructure

CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION IS ALL ABOUT OPERATIONAL RESILIENCE AND CONTINUITY By Dr. Jim Kennedy, MRP, MBCI, CBRM It has always been the policy of the United States to ensure the continuity and security of the critical infrastructures that are essential to the minimum operations of our economy and government. This critical infrastructure includes essential government services, public health, law enforcement,
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Developing Seamless Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

DEVELOPING SEAMLESS BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND DISASTER RECOVERY PLANS By Dr. Jim Kennedy. IntroductionThe development of recovery times for both the business organization’s business continuity plan and the IT department’s disaster recovery plan need to be developed through the collaboration of both parties for either plan to provide the proper protection. However in my thirty-five years in the business continuity and
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Disaster Recovery Planning & Cloud Computing

DISASTER RECOVERY PLANNING & CLOUD COMPUTING Dr. Jim Kennedy, MRP, MBCI, CBRM, CHS-IV January 2011 If you asked a group of IT practitioners or business people what cloud computing is they would probably answer in a manner consistent with blind men trying to describe an elephant with only the sense of touch. Each would have an answer consistent with their
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Implementing a Good Information Security Program

IMPLEMENTING A GOOD INFORMATION SECURITY PROGRAM The frequency and potential impacts of information security breaches are increasing. Dr. Jim Kennedy explains why and looks at what organizations can do about it. Computer, network, and information security is based on three pillars: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. In my business as an information & cyber security, business continuity and disaster recovery consultant,
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Pearson Grounds Flights During Ice Storm

PEARSON GROUNDS FLIGHTS DURING ICE STORM In any BC Plan, it is critical to define when and how a disaster should be declared. “Was the GTAA correct in making the decision to impose ground stop during frigid temperature of -25 to -45 Celsius?” News Article 1: Pearson right to ground flights during ice storm These are the facts from those
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Vital Records and Business Continuity Planning

VITAL RECORDS AN BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNING By Dr. Jim Kennedy, MRP, MBCI, CBRM CHS-IV. As business continuity and disaster recovery professionals we continue to address the rapidly changing face of business and technology. We are caught up in the frenzy of our employers or clients wishing to converge their voice and data networks. We must maintain the RTOs and RPOs
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Introduction to Business Continuity Management

Articles – BCP and IT DR INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT We all need the support services that we often take for granted to be available to us 24/7 and whenever needed. Right from the telephone that we use to the internet connection, any downtime that this service faces is viewed unfavorably by us. But, given the uncertainties of the
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