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Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery - Blog

The Importance of training in Business Continuity Planning

Mastering Business Continuity Planning: Four Key Elements for Effective Training and Implementation Author: Dr. Akhtar Syed, Phd., CBRM, MABR, CISSP. In our rapidly evolving business landscape, unexpected disasters and interruptions can emerge suddenly. A business continuity plan (BCP) is a critical safeguard for essential business operations, assets, and services, enabling a prompt return to normalcy following a crisis. Business continuity
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Introduction to Business Continuity Management

Articles – BCP and IT DR INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT We all need the support services that we often take for granted to be available to us 24/7 and whenever needed. Right from the telephone that we use to the internet connection, any downtime that this service faces is viewed unfavorably by us. But, given the uncertainties of the
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How to Prepare a Business Continuity Management Program?

Articles – BCP and IT DR HOW TO PREPARE A BUSINES CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM? The previous articles have mentioned the need for a business continuity management program and the components of a typical business continuity plan. This article looks at how to prepare your organization for emergencies and the steps that are needed to be taken to prepare for contingencies.
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