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Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery - Blog

Key Components of an Effective IT Disaster Recovery Strategy

Key Components of an Effective IT Disaster Recovery Strategy Given the importance of our IT systems to business today, ensuring that we can retain functionality is crucial to day-to-day performance. However, while we can do everything possible to secure our systems in the event of an in-house issue, we cannot often prepare for a disaster that is not of our
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The Importance of training in Business Continuity Planning

The Importance of training in Business Continuity Planning Organizations may encounter unforeseen catastrophes and operational disruptions at any time in the fast-paced business climate of today. Planning for business continuity is essential to protect vital activities, resources, and services in light of this. Everyone in the company depends on the business continuity plan to resume regular business activities and guarantee
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3 Main Types of IT Disaster Recovery

What are the Different Types of IT Disaster Recovery? Disaster Recovery (DR) is fundamental for keeping data safe and keeping up with business continuity. With different types of disaster recovery plans that a business can execute, finding all that fit can be overpowering. Every business is unique, so it’s vital to see each of the decisions accessible to you. Along
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What is a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

A disaster recovery plan (DRP), also known as a disaster recovery implementation plan or an IT disaster recovery plan. It is a documented policy and procedure that helps an organization carry out recovery procedures in the event of a disaster. Thereby, protecting business IT infrastructure and, more generally, fostering recovery. A disaster recovery plans primary goal is to thoroughly outline
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Developing Seamless Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

DEVELOPING SEAMLESS BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND DISASTER RECOVERY PLANS By Dr. Jim Kennedy. IntroductionThe development of recovery times for both the business organization’s business continuity plan and the IT department’s disaster recovery plan need to be developed through the collaboration of both parties for either plan to provide the proper protection. However in my thirty-five years in the business continuity and
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Disaster Recovery Planning & Cloud Computing

DISASTER RECOVERY PLANNING & CLOUD COMPUTING Dr. Jim Kennedy, MRP, MBCI, CBRM, CHS-IV January 2011 If you asked a group of IT practitioners or business people what cloud computing is they would probably answer in a manner consistent with blind men trying to describe an elephant with only the sense of touch. Each would have an answer consistent with their
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