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brmp or cbrm certification

BRMP or CBRM Certification

What is a CBRM certification?  BRMP or CBRM Certification? Over the years, CBRM certification has emerged as one of the top-rated, recommended and in-demand certifications among business professionals. More than 3000 professionals across all major industrial domains in 15+ countries have acquired CBRM certification. They are presently thriving in their profiles and making a difference through their knowledge.   The CBRM
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Business Continuity Survey Feedback

BUSINESS CONTINUITY TRAINING & PLANNING COURSES BRCCI conducted several onsite training for one of our client organization which is among the list of fortune 500 companies. Below is a survey feedback we received from that client. “The onsite training was taught by professional instructors from Business Resilience Certification Consortium International (BRCCI). At the completion of the course, a confidential survey