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Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery - Blog

The Importance of training in Business Continuity Planning

The Importance of training in Business Continuity Planning Organizations may encounter unforeseen catastrophes and operational disruptions at any time in the fast-paced business climate of today. Planning for business continuity is essential to protect vital activities, resources, and services in light of this. Everyone in the company depends on the business continuity plan to resume regular business activities and guarantee
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Business Risk Management in International Corporations+

Business Risk Management in International Corporations AbstractNowadays, there is a large variability in business environment, cause by economic and political circumstances. It sheds new lights on the issue of risk management in business. Companies that want to stay in the market, must in dynamically way change their exposure to risk. The article presents analysis of business risk management models in
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Maintaining IT and Business Resilience Amid Economic Uncertainty

Maintaining IT and Business Resilience Amid Economic Uncertainty Maintaining IT and Business Resilience Amid Economic UncertaintyBusiness conversations around resilience usually refer to financial resilience or balance sheet strength. But when speaking about IT resilience, it’s important to understand exactly what it is and why it is crucial to maintain amid an economic downturn. Security and resiliency are related concepts, but
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3 Main Types of IT Disaster Recovery

What are the Different Types of IT Disaster Recovery? Disaster Recovery (DR) is fundamental for keeping data safe and keeping up with business continuity. With different types of disaster recovery plans that a business can execute, finding all that fit can be overpowering. Every business is unique, so it’s vital to see each of the decisions accessible to you. Along
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What is a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)?

A disaster recovery plan (DRP), also known as a disaster recovery implementation plan or an IT disaster recovery plan. It is a documented policy and procedure that helps an organization carry out recovery procedures in the event of a disaster. Thereby, protecting business IT infrastructure and, more generally, fostering recovery. A disaster recovery plans primary goal is to thoroughly outline
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7 Reasons You Need a Business Continuity Plan

What is Business Continuity? Business continuity refers to an organization’s capacity to continue doing critical tasks during and after a crisis. Business continuity planning sets risk management practices and procedures that seek to prevent disruptions of mission-critical services and swiftly and painlessly restore full operation to the company. The most fundamental requirement for business continuity is maintaining critical operations during
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Best Practices for Business Continuity in 2021

Organizational Risk Management – A Case Study in Companies that have won the Brazilian Quatity Award Prize By Luiz Carlos Di Serio1, Luciel Henrique de Oliveira2, Luiz Marcelo Siegert Schuch3 AbstractSupply chain optimization, company interdependency and the establishment of global operating networks have all made companies more susceptible to uncertainty and risk. Literature on the subject lacks analysis of how companies
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Alternate Communications During Times of Disaster

ALTERNATE COMMUNICATIONS DURING TIMES OF DISASTER By Dr. Jim Kennedy, NCE, MRP, MBCI, CBRM We have witnessed over the last three to five years many disasters both in the United States and abroad. Based on what we are hearing from NOAA and the National Weather Service the US is likely to see the same number, if not more, tropical storms
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