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Business Continuity Survey Feedback

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BRCCI conducted several onsite training for one of our client organization which is among the list of fortune 500 companies. Below is a survey feedback we received from that client.

“The onsite training was taught by professional instructors from Business Resilience Certification Consortium International (BRCCI).

At the completion of the course, a confidential survey was administered in an attempt to measure the course success. The 8 survey questions are graded on a 4.0 scale. The survey results are below.

  • 1. The CBRM course met my expectations.
    Average Rating – 3.55
  • 2. The content was helpful.
    Average Rating -3.73
  • 3. The format was enjoyable.
    Average Rating -3.45
  • 4. The instructor had a good understanding of the topics.
    Average Rating – 3.91
  • 5. The handouts were helpful.
    Average Rating – 2.91
  • 6. The course was worth my time.
    Average Rating – 3.82
  • 7. The course length was appropriate.
    Average Rating – 3.27
  • 8. I recommend this course to the other Business Continuity Planners.
    Average Rating – 3.82″

This is a Client Feedback Survey.

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