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Cloud Resilience Professional

CRP - Cloud Resilience Professional certification

The CRP designation is awarded to professionals in recognition of their in-depth knowledge and proficiency in Cloud computing technology, and Cloud resilience program management.

The CRP-certified professionals have the knowledge and skills to manage and optimize cloud infrastructures, mitigate risks, and maintain cloud continuity and resiliency.

Whether you're a seasoned cloud professional looking to validate your expertise or aspiring to advance your career in cloud technology, the CRP certification offers a valuable opportunity to distinguish yourself in the cloud computing marketplace.

CRP certification track options:

CRP Competency Scope

Cloud Foundation

An understanding of fundamental cloud computing principles, including architecture, data storage, deployment models, service models, and migration strategies.

Cloud Resilience

An in-depth knowledge of best practice strategies and techniques for building resilient cloud environments, emphasizing resilience policy, operational stability, redundancy, and fault tolerance.

Continuity and IT DR

An understanding of cloud continuity and IT disaster recovery planning processes for effectively managing unexpected disruptions to workloads and systems in the cloud.


Track A – CRP Seminar + Certification Examination

CRP seminar consists of two sessions
Day 1-2: CBRM – Certified Business Resilience Manager seminar
Day 3-5: CRM – Cloud Resilience Management seminar

Track B – Points Based Assessment

This certification is awarded through a points-based evaluation process covering achievements in 3 segments:

  • Segment A: Core Credentials – such as Cloud certification from Azure, AWS, Google or equivalent
  • Segment B: Training completion
  • Segment C: Work experience – in cloud service management, program/project management, business continuity and IT disaster recovery, and related fields.

CRP Certification seminar

5-day CRP (Cloud Resilience Professional) seminar
CRP seminar is a “Track A” certification path option and it consists of two seminars:
Day 1-2: CBRM – Certified Business Resilience Manager certification seminar
Day 3-5: CRM – Cloud Resilience Management seminar. 
Optional exam is offered on the Day 5.

CBRM Seminar Day 1-2

CRM Seminar Day 3-5