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The CBRM Seminar: Certified Business Resilience Manager is a comprehensive all-in-one 3-day business continuity planning and management workshop which is designed to teach practical methods to develop, test, and maintain a reliable and effective business continuity plan. This business continuity training is based on industry best practices and guidelines for business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency management.

Payment Options: There are four ways to make the payment

  1. Online credit card payment: select the seminar from the list of products (seminars) below
  2. Phone payment: Call 1-800-869-8460 to process your credit card payment
  3. Invoice method: Call 1-800-869-8460 or CONTACT US to request a proforma invoice
  4. Wire transfer: Call 1-800-869-8460 or CONTACT US to request wire transfer information

Payment Process:

When your payment is processed you will receive an email confirming the online transaction and another email will provide a detail venue for this event. Please note that on the last day of the event the training and optional exam testing ends by 3 pm or earlier.