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Business Continuity And IT Disaster Recovery Management Certification

MABR Masters Achievement in Business Resilience


MABR is the highest level credential with a qualification criteria that extends beyond the requisite expertise in the field of business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR).

MABR candidates must demonstrate extensive knowledge and experience in BC/DR program management.

The candidates must also provide evidence of their knowledge and insight to conduct a methodical and thorough assessments and reviews of BC/DR plans and programs.

Earning an MABR designation signifies a strong commitment to BC/DR profession and also recognizes the skills to lead and direct BC/DR projects.


This certification is awarded through a points-based evaluation process. Candidates for MABR must achieve a total of 100 points from three of the following segments:

Segment A: Core credentials – such as CBRM, CBRITP or equivalent credentials (a maximum of 40 points)

Segment B: Advanced credentials – such as CBRA or equivalent credentials/experience (a maximum of 20 points)

Segment C: Work experience – in business continuity and IT disaster recovery and related fields (a maximum of 60 points)

Find out more on how to apply for MABR or obtain more information.


MABR is a highest designation in the certification track which begins with either CBRM or CBRITP credentials. Evaluation for MABR is based on achievements in Segments A, B, and C.

Segment A

Core credentials such as CBRM, CBRITP or equivalent designations.

Segment B

Advanced credentials such as CBRA (Certified Business Resilience Auditor) or equivalent designations/ experience.

Segment C

Extensive experience in business continuity, IT disaster recovery, and crisis/emergency management.


The first step is to determine if you will qualify for MABR by contacting us We will then provide an MABR application to submit to us. There is no fee required for MABR application submission and review.

In the second step certification committee will review your application, validate the submitted information, and then inform you of the results. In the case of successful qualification, you will be requested to make a payment of $495 for processing of MABR application

Following the payment in Step 2, you will be formally awarded the MABR designation.

A soft copy of the MABR certificate will be sent out via email. For an additional shipping fee, a hard copy of the certificate shipped to your location