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CBRM - Self-Paced Online Training

“The course exceeded my expectations. I feel much more confident now about making the decisions that lay in front of me than I did prior to taking the course.”

CHS III // CEH., CBRM, Director – Information Security, Access Group Inc.

CBRM - Certified Business Resilience Manager

This self-paced online CBRM training is designed to help you develop comprehensive, effective and reliable business continuity and IT DR plans for your organization. The training will also help you to prepare for the testing of CBRM (Certified Business Resilience Manager) certification. Expected training duration: 22 hours

This training is also available as an online instructor-led session. For more information, please visit 3-day CBRM seminar

Course Fee: $695

The fee includes self-paced online training and optional proctored certification exam. Once you complete the self-paced training, you may join a confirmed online proctored exam.

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Your organization needs a business continuity plan!  This vital plan protects critical operations, resources and services in the event of unexpected disasters and business disruptions. After a disaster, everyone in the organization relies on the business continuity plan to ensure continuity of business and to restore normal operating conditions. It is vital to know how to build a plan that is reliable, comprehensive, and effective for any business disruption scenario.


To provide detailed, step-by-step business continuity training.

To develop comprehensive, effective and reliable business continuity plans

To establish a business continuity program designed to protect organizations from unexpected business disruptions and disasters

To ensure these plans are consistent with the industry standards and best practices (ISO 22301, ITIL, NFPA)

To comply with internal and external business continuity audit requirements

To provide an introduction to business continuity planning and program management


“I’ve worked in Business Continuity for nine years and this is the first course I’ve taken that contains a methodology that is clear and concise. The course stepped us through the planning process and incorporated industry standards, regulations and best practices in a context that was comprehensive and easy to understand.”

Carolyn B. // Schwab Ops BCP

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To provide detailed, step-by-step training on how to develop comprehensive, effective and reliable business continuity plans and to establish a business continuity program designed to protect organizations from unexpected business disruptions and disasters. To provide an introduction to business continuity planning and program management.
The training begins with a basic introduction to business continuity and then leads participants through a BC planning road-map with detailed steps for implementing a business continuity plan and program for their organizations. The road-map consists of assessing and gathering business continuity requirements for managing a disaster; developing recovery solutions and strategies; developing business continuity plans based on requirements and solutions; testing and implementing BC solutions; maintaining BC plans; executing BC plans in the event of a disaster, and managing normalization of business. The BC planning road-map incorporates the industry’s best practices and guidelines for the BCM and the six stages of the BCP process:
  • Risk Management
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity Strategy Development
  • Business Continuity Plan Development
  • Business Continuity Plan Testing
  • Business Continuity Plan Maintenance
This training teaches you how to develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans which comply with the industry’s best practices and standards such as:
  • ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management Systems – Requirements
  • NFPA: Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs
  • ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • Upon completion you will be able to:
  • Establish BC program lifecycle processes within your organization.
  • Assess business and technology requirements for a BC plan.
  • Evaluate business continuity risks to your organization.
  • Identify and select cost-effective BC recovery strategies.
  • Organize an effective BC team.
  • Develop a BC plan document.
  • Coordinate BC plan with external entities.
  • Develop an effective test plan for the BC plan.
  • Organize and conduct successful BC plan tests.
  • Establish a process for maintaining the BC plan.
  • Implement a BC plan change management process.
  • Avoid typical mistakes that lead to BC program failures.
  • Understand the main differences between a Disaster Recovery Plan, Emergency Response Plan, Crisis Management Plan, and a Business Continuity Plan.

Module 1 – About this course
This module describes the overall structure of the course and explains the navigation and menu buttons. We recommend going through this module before proceeding to the rest of the modules in this course.

Module 2 – BC Program Overview
In this module, you will receive an introductory overview of a Business Continuity Program. You will learn about some important foundation concepts that will be utilized in the rest of the modules.

Module 3 – BC Planning Process
Module 3 provides an overview of six stage BC and IT DR planning lifecycle.

Module 4 – BC Plan Overview
This module explains important concepts through an example high-level execution of a BC and IT DR plan.

Module 5  – Risk Management
In this module, you will learn how to develop a risk management component of your BC and IT DR plan. Risk management represents the first stage of the BC and IT DR planning lifecycle.

Module 6 – Business Impact Analysis
This module explains what is Business Impact Analysis or Assessment (BIA), and how to conduct a BIA for your organization.  BIA represents the second stage of the BC and IT DR planning lifecycle.

Module 7 – Business Continuity Strategy Development
In this module, you will learn to develop business disruption recovery strategies for your BC and IT DR plans. BC strategy development is the third stage of the BC and IT DR planning lifecycle.

Module 8 – Business Continuity Plan Development
This module focuses on the development of BC and IT DR plan documents based on the results of stages 1 through 3.

Module 9 – Business Continuity Plan Testing
This module teaches a methodology to test BC and IT DR plan documents developed in Module 8.

Module 10 – Business Continuity Plan Maintenance
Module 10 describes important activities to maintain your BC and IT DR plans in a constant ready state for potential execution in case a disaster occurs.

This training is designed for

  • Anyone responsible for Developing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Managing Business Continuity Projects
  • Participating in Business Continuity Planning
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planners
  • Business Unit Managers
  • Project managers
  • Senior management
  • A staff from
    • Information Technology
    • Security
    • Emergency Response
    • Crisis Management
    • Communications
    • Human Resource Departments.
This is a self-paced business continuity and IT DR training combined with an optional certification testing. A participant can take the certification exam once the training is completed. Participants who successfully pass the exam are awarded CBRM (Certified Business Resilience Manager) certification. Read More about CBRM Designation
This training is suitable for anyone with or without a prior business continuity or disaster recovery knowledge or experience. It gradually proceeds from introductory to advanced topics in business continuity planning and includes a detailed overview of business continuity management. The training provides a comprehensive introduction and overview of the business continuity planning and management process. You gain skills through resources and easy-to-follow training materials.
A participant will receive soft copies of a sample Business Continuity Plan Template, key chapters of a plan methodology textbook, and a set of reference documents.
Course Fee $695: 
The fee includes self-paced online training and optional proctored certification exam.

Once you complete the self-paced training, you may join a confirmed online proctored exam.

Option 3: Email us at
Option 4: Contact us at 1-888-962-7224 (1-888-96-BRCCI)

Access to a computer with an internet connectivity and a speaker

In addition to the above, a camera is a mandatory requirement for online proctored examinations.

“I just wanted to send you a thank you for the CBRM Seminar instruction. When I returned to work on Tuesday, I passed along to my boss and coworkers that the course and instructor were excellent. One of my peers even said, “Wow, you NEVER say that about a training course.” Having a background in training, I’m a pretty tough judge when it comes to external training seminars. The course surpassed my expectations.”
– Lesley S. // CBRM Operational Risk/Compliance, M&T Bank

“I thought this was an exceptional business continuity course in the way it was presented. The methodology approach made it very easy to understand and have clarity on how to proceed to the next stage(s), as well as the interdependencies of the stages. I feel more empowered to be a focal point within my company regarding Business Resiliency. I was also very appreciative of the opportunity to receive a certification for this course which will add more validity to my professional development along this career path. The instructor was well versed in his field and very accommodating to the class attendees.”

– William W. // CBRM, Project Manager – Disaster Recovery, First American Corporation.

“BRCCI’s course is one of the most important training programs I have attended in my business career. The methodology was presented in a very organized and logical fashion, made understandable by the very experienced instructor. I would recommend this program to anyone wishing to learn the process of Business Continuity and Resilience, especially those whose primary function is to conduct such a program. Thank you also for the well-written manual and textbook.”
– Iris H. // Director, New York University

“Akhtar, First I wanted to thank you for an awesome couple of days. As I said the CBRA really put everything together for me. A little over 18 months ago after attending the CBRM & ITP seminar. I was well equipped to launch and develop our BCP program. In the last couple of days and with a bit more experience under my belt, I can definitely see a clearer path forward in further developing our program by using an auditors’ point of view.”
– Pierre C. // Business Continuity / Content Security, Tolor

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