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BRCCI Membership

A Global Network Of Business Continuity And IT Disaster Recovery Professionals From All Industry Segments


BRCCI maintains certification and membership related information in a secured memberlodge system. Upon becoming a member, you are given access to this system. In the system you can view or update your own membership profile, CPE records, and payment status.

To maintain the status of your certification in good standing, you are required to

  • abide by the BRCCI’s code of ethics,
  • submit the required Continuing Points Education (CPE) credits, and
  • submit annual maintenance fees.

REQUEST MORE INFORMATION – on how to maintain your membership.

BRCCI ‘s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Points Program ensures all certified professionals continue to maintain, enhance, and develop their personal knowledge and skills in the business resilience profession once they have achieved certification. All certified professionals are required to comply with the CPE Points Program by actively participating and engaging in development activities and periodically submitting proof of such activities. Activities must be directly relevant to the field of business resilience.

The CPE Points Program is based on a CPE Points system. This system requires professionals to obtain at minimum 10 CPE Points annually or you may submit it every third year with a minimum of 30 CPEs. CPE points must be reported annually and must be earned by participating in various activities across multiple categories as defined in the CPE Category and Points Schedule. There are many activities that qualify for CPE Points. CPE Points are awarded for active participation in activities that:

  • Enhance and develop personal knowledge and skills, such as attendance in courses and seminars, and full-time or part-time enrollment in a diploma or degree program;
  • Contribute to and promote the business resilience profession, such as preparing articles and papers and conducting research and development of business resilience education; or
  • Validate business resilience related programs and processes, such as conducting audits, tests, and reviews.

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This page is for the purpose of making the payments of membership renewal, MABR processing, reprinting and shipping of lost or damaged certificates.

Annual Membership Renewal:

Please use the link below to make the membership renewal payment.

Annual Membership Renewal (retired status only):

Please use the link below to make the membership renewal payment for the retired status.

Masters Achievement in Business Resilience – MABR:

If you have successfully met the requirements for MABR (see the mabr page for details) use the link below to make the MABR processing payment.

Reprinting and shipping of lost or damaged CBRM, CBRITP, CBRA or MABR Certificates:

Please use the link below to make the payment. Once the payment is received we will send you an email to confirm the
transaction and request your certificate shipping address.

MISC Payments:

Please use the links below to make the MISC payments:

For questions regarding payment please CONTACT US

Upon a request initiated from a member, BRCCI will provide verification of his or her membership and certification status to others.  BRCCI will not release information regarding a member to others unless a prior authorization is given by that member. Please email BRCCI at to obtain more details on membership verification.